Case Study

We recently helped a lovely bride-to-be, Carla and her mother Karen, prepare for Carla’s big day.

They came to see us at the beginning of April. The wedding date was set for 2nd September so we had 5 months to work our magic.

The Bride, Carla, had several concerns:

Broken veins on and around her nose
Dull, listless skin
Lined lips needing a little more shape

Step 1. Skincare

We started Carla on a new skincare regime using Environ products, to tackle her dull skin and restore glow.

Step 2. Broken Veins

We decided on 2 sessions of Veinwave, one month apart.

Carla before and after

Step 3. Dull, listless skin

We wanted to give Carla’s skin that extra boost. She had 3 treatments of Restylane Vital Light to stimulate her collagen and super hydrate her skin.

Step 4. Thin lips

Carla wanted a subtle treatment. Something to give her lips that extra dimension. The Lip Smoothie was the perfect solution for Carla. She had her first treatment in July.

lips treatment

Carla had a Super Facial with Katherine Sen as a final beauty boost.

With three weeks to go, Carla’s treatments were completed. Her skin looked radiant and her lips fuller with a hydrated softness that set off her bride’s make-up beautifully, without looking ‘done’.

wedding makeover treatments

Mother of the Bride

Karen, Carla’s lovely mother, had different concerns.

Mature, pigmented, sundamaged, dehydrated skin
Broken veins on both cheeks, chin and nose
Frown lines between her eyes
Sad looking mouth
Dry, crepey, dehydrated hands

Step 1. Mature, pigmented skin.

We started Karen on a new skincare regime using Environ products to strengthen her skin barrier. We also introduced SkinCeuticals products to address her pigmentation and provide her with sun protection as she loves walking her dogs and spends a lot of time outside.

Step 2. Broken facial veins

We recommended two treatments of Veinwave one month apart.

Step 3. Frown lines and ‘sad’ mouth

We began these treatments in May, giving us plenty of time for the treatment areas to settle. We tackled Karen’s frown lines with the dermal filler Restylane Vital and at the same time used Restylane Perlane in the corners of her mouth, to improve support and lift, creating a happier mouth.

Lips treatment

Step 4. Dry, dehydrated hands

To improve Karens hands, she was treated on two separate occasions with Restylane Vital, a skin rejuvenating programme to boost her skin elasticity, leaving her hands looking smoother, firmer, hydrated and more toned.

hand rejuvenation treatment

Karen’s final beauty boost was a Super Facial a week before the wedding she had a make-up demonstration for the big day by our professional make-up artist Jacqui McElroy using Jane Iredale products.

Super facial

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